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Obaranje svetskog rekorda

Evropsko prvenstvo 2007

European Championships - 50m Fly Final

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jovan    16 August 2008 08:54 |
Kralju! Tvoje srebro je za svakog normalnog Srbina i srpskog patriotu, vise od zlata.Ziveo! Pozdrav iz Backe Topole.Kumovi!

Tijana P.    16 August 2008 08:52 |
Cestitam i hvala!

Tijana    16 August 2008 08:46 |
Bravo Cavke!!! Puno mi je srce! Hvala ti!!!!

željko    16 August 2008 08:39 | Republika Srpska
Hvala na svemu do sada, slavimo te ti si naš junak. Kad god uskočiš u bazen znaj da je cijela srpska nacija uz tebe!

Kori Fernandez    16 August 2008 08:38 |
Mike! It's me, Kori. Your favorite little black person! I don't know if you read this, but if you do I just wanted to let you know that I am so happy for you!! I'm starting a fan club. I watched all of your races, DVRd them and was going ape shit. I even got boooed at a bar in Long Beach because I was cheering for you against Michael Phelps tonight. When I saw you on the medal stand I was so excited! You deserve every good thing that has happened to you, and I am so happy for your success. I hope we can have another Malarky's night like we did a year ago whenever you are back in town. Have a great time enjoying your victory!

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