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Obaranje svetskog rekorda

Evropsko prvenstvo 2007

European Championships - 50m Fly Final

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me,me,me    20 March 2008 23:44 |
bravo,cestitam..sve super od plivanja do mirne poruke

Lana    20 March 2008 19:13 |
A divine gesture of yours!

You do not have to excuse yourself for what you did. It was not a political act, it was an act of a person who loves his country.

I wonder if they would make a problem(i.e. breaking news) if your t-shirt had a message(in cyrilic letters of course) kosovo-JUST DO IT or kosovo-You can't beat the feeling?

Congrats for your victory!!!!

Michal    20 March 2008 18:57 |
Greetings from Poland.

MichaB    20 March 2008 18:55 |
!  ! !!!
Greetings from Poland.

Antonio Gordillo    20 March 2008 17:44 | Sevilla, Spain
I don't know if what you did was right or not, but I can understand (at least, I try to) how sad it can be for someone who loves his country to see that they stole them a part of it. I just think about the Basque Country or Catalonia and I realise how close we are from this situation, and how worse would be Spain without these two regions. Congratulations for the gold and good luck in the Olympics!!

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