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European Championships - 50m Fly Final

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Written by Milorad Cavic   
Sunday, 23 March 2008

A few days have gone by since LEN has released it’s disciplinary decision on my actions, and I have to admit that I am completely blown away with all of the support I’ve been getting. I’ve been doing my best to respond to all emails sent to me, along with all the Facebook messages I have received… and although it may take more time, I am trying my best to respond to as many as I possibly can! The support has given me a new strength and motive to be the greatest swimmer and man that I can be.

Your reactions are exactly what I’ve been talking about and this is the way we need to be. Be positive and unite when we are weak! Only together are we strong, and only strong can we move forward. My t-shirt at the European Championships has been spoken of as scandalous and misplaced, but if you understood my actions in this way, I regret to inform you that this isn’t about war, or to provoke violence. “KOSOVO IS SERBIA” is what I feel. It is in our history and a part of who we are. The Serbian government has fallen apart, and is in the process of re-election and being re-assembled. My point is that we have to take what we have in common, and work together in rebuilding our country… but this time, whatever the people decide we should do, we should do it together!

It was my personal duty as an ambassador of Serbia to express myself and to express my support for my people. This isn’t about the rest of the world. If I cared to upset you, my shirt would have been in English. If you’re looking for an apology, then you should probably write an email to someone who has committed a real crime. There are evils in this world which really threaten our safety and security, and really deserve more attention than they’re already getting… I leave it to you to decide which battles you choose. My battle is with pain and misery in Serbia. What’s yours?

Remember, there is no such thing as bad people, only bad leaders. I dont care where you're from - EVERYONE WANTS JUST TO BE HAPPY… what are you doing to ensure this? I hope I did my part to uplift my people… and I will never regret this action.

Thank you all once again for your support!


- Milorad Cavic 

Last Updated ( Sunday, 23 March 2008 )
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