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Obaranje svetskog rekorda

Evropsko prvenstvo 2007

European Championships - 50m Fly Final

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Srbin08    17 August 2008 00:40 |
Bravo Miki care. SRBIJA DO TOKIJA.

Chili    17 August 2008 00:38 |
To Miki kralju! Lepo si ovo rekao!

tlcoopi7    17 August 2008 00:24 |
Congrats on your silver metal.

Emma    17 August 2008 00:22 |
Bravo Mici!
Hvala ti za prelepu trku.Obozavm sport i pratim ga puno, ali onaj osecaj koji sam dozivela gledajuci tebe sa kojim stilom i snagom ides kroz vodu, to je nesto za pamcenje.Hvala ti na tom osecaju i na radosti(i po kojoj srcanoj mani) koju si dao meni i mojima, a i celom nasem narodu.
Uzivaj u usehu i srecno dalje.

BelgradeGirl    17 August 2008 00:11 | Serbia
Wow, by this comments one could think that filing a protest or whatever that was, is against the law! Relax dear people; this was not about questioning Phelps greatness. Cavic didn’t have anything to do with that! If you open your mind, you’ll see in him a wonderful sportsman and a great person full of praise for Phelps. He honestly returned my faith in pure sportsmanship. When asked to swim for American team, he decided to swim for Serbia, by doing that, he declined right for special coaching treatment, sponsorship contracts, team backup and who knows what. He still made it all by himself! He did win an Olympic medal, next to the greatest swimmer ever. Oh, and as for mixing sport and politics, how would you call signing “Free Tibet” petition by athletes competing in Beijing, or American boycott of Moscow Olympics and vice versa, or banning Serbian team from the `92 Olympics because of war in Balkans, etc, double standards?
Congrats on your medal, gorgeous man! Can`t help it, you are so handsome both in and out of pool

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