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Obaranje svetskog rekorda

Evropsko prvenstvo 2007

European Championships - 50m Fly Final

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Zbyszek    22 March 2008 19:32 | Florida, USA
Hi Milorad, I'm Polish - American from Michigan and right now spending winter in St. Petersburg, Florida. I would like that you know how much support you have in Polish community.

The action of Swimming Federation of Europe is scandalous. I want that you know that I wish the best for Serbia and for you. I wish you as many as possible gold medals in Olympic Games in China.

Then after the last gold medal, take all of them and call a press Conference and be in the same T-shirt.

I'm so happy and proud about you and all Serbian athletes like these in tennis.

Once more I wish you and your country everything best,


slobodan    22 March 2008 18:43 |
Samo Najveci mogu da urade ovakav gest za svoju zemlju.
Mi iz REPUBLIKE SRPSKE smo ponosni sto imamo takvog junaka i borca kao sto si ti.
Ovo sto oni rade jako boli,a i car Lazar je znao da ce mnogo da plati i ipak krenuo je da se bori,ali ne za sebe nego za svoj narod i buduce generacije,bas kao i ti.HVALA TI MILORADE.

Dmitry    22 March 2008 18:30 |
CAA:85 8 [email protected]  ",/!!!

coa    22 March 2008 18:29 |
Милораде Краљу! Ништа погрешно ниси учинио, напротив. Хохштаплери европски не могу да поднесу непокорне и поносне Србе, па још да им такви узимају медаље. Цела Србија саосећа данас са тобом. Хвала ти!

Toxa    22 March 2008 16:41 | Russia Moscow
Kosovo eto SERBIA

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