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Obaranje svetskog rekorda

Evropsko prvenstvo 2007

European Championships - 50m Fly Final


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jasmina    17 August 2008 21:24 |
Svaka cast tesko je i naci reci za uspeh naseg momka.

Andrew Tan    17 August 2008 21:14 |
Wow, congrats! Your achievement and sportsmanship are an inspiration.

Tim    17 August 2008 20:51 |
It's great to see you are taking this media silliness that gets thrown at you with a sense of humor.
Your gracious comments here on your page about Michael Phelps will be a cherished memory of these games. You are sportsmanlike and classy and (no offense) a complete stud in the pool! You make me proud to be a fellow Cal grad. Keep it up, Milorad, and enjoy it.

sire    17 August 2008 20:07 |
the way I see it, there is only one way of looking at it... you both won...and very much so

Michael won the biggest swimming achievement of all times... and you won everything else (in the true sense of it)! ...I'd love to reflect on that for a sec.. what you won is, in my opinion, worthy of ultimate respect... it is difficult for me to put it in words... you were perceived as the ultimate underdog, beyond any reasonable explanation... preselected entity destined to be pushed aside...an "also ran", a mere number, nobody didn't even care to know your name... who is this American dude thinking he is Serbian... how DARES he?

and this is what you did (to quote your quote): you looked back at the devil and lived to smile at it with all of your pure heart

your 100m was to die for

Jeja    17 August 2008 19:20 | Serbia
Mislim najbolji si...Hvala na sreci koju si nam pruzio!Veliki pozz iz Valjeva!!

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