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Evropsko prvenstvo 2007

European Championships - 50m Fly Final


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Lysander Jim    17 August 2008 05:00 |
Thanks for exhibiting the true Olympic ideal which you touched upon in the entry about the tennis coach. Like you say, it is not about one's nationality or winning the gold, but making the world a better place. I think your story will be among those that inspire people around the world.

Borisa Pavlovic    17 August 2008 04:33 |

Hvala ti sto si nam poklonio trenutak srece i ponosa.

B. Pavlovic

Ramjee Ganti    17 August 2008 04:19 | India
It was very inspirational to hear your story. What actually made me come to your blog is the way you have taken in stride the silver at Beijing 2008. Congratulations and wish you greater success in life

JoaCasal    17 August 2008 03:23 |
Congratulations!!!! I believe your silver medal tasted like gold (something more precious and valuable) to humanity.... You, are a real athlete, Cavic, a real modern heroe... There are things that history, sooner or later, can't deny... May the eternal light guide you

AMP    17 August 2008 03:15 |
For those who want to doubt this man's ability, he is a gracious winner. The fact that he was able to compete in the Olympic games is a feat that only a very small percentage can do. Stop hating, start loving!! Milorad, your are the greatest, most gracious athlete in this sport!!!

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