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For security reasons, I have to say that we’re not supposed to give too many details about the village, nor are we allowed to post photos of the village, until the Olympics are all over… but I’ll do my best to let you in on what I can say!

I arrived in the Village on the 23rd of July, just 6 days before my first race, and there is a lot of anxiety and excitement in the air. As I walk from my apartment to the dining hall, runners jog past me in preparation for their track and field races, and I see boxers and martial artists warming up in the streets. When I come to the dining hall, a temporary structure made for 5,000 people, I’m able to choose foods between 5-6 different cultures, and also McDonalds. The best thing about being at the dining hall, isn’t all the food options, but rather the fact that every person you see, is a champion of something in their respective countries, and if you think about it some more, I have immediate access to the best of the best in sports!

After I finish eating, I take my tray to the recycle bin where everything that can be re-used one day, is recycled – Paper and plastics. With my free time, I go from the dining hall to the “International Zone” where we could play billiards, video games, watch movies, or even have a coffee with a friend. Meeting new people is pretty easy there, everyone is very nice and relaxed, so making a new friend is a sure bet!

After that, I get onto a bus that circles around the village so that I could return to my apartment for my swimming stuff, since its time to practice. I take my towel, goggles, and suit, and head toward the village bus station, where buses take us to our competition venues. Its about a 10-15 minute bus ride to the pool, which isn’t too bad at all!
The village provides us with everything we need - unlimited food and drinks, laundry services, entertainment, and transportation, so we’re quite well taken care of!

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