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In my free days, I usually sleep in and go to the Olympic park’s practice pools, “Eton Manor”, to avoid the heavy traffic of the competition pool. It has three temporary 50 meter –Olympic size- swimming pools where we can go to, to work on anything we need.

When that gets done, I get as comfortable as possible and make sure to watch all the swimming that I can on on TV. Although it’s not as exciting as watching it live, at the pool, I feel as though I’m there. I soak in the Olympic drama and find inspiration in every race that unfolds! For someone who loves swimming as much as I do, its easy to see the race for more than it is, a work of art!

In an earlier blog, I accidentally wrote I was swimming on Tuesday, August 2nd, which was a mistake! Sometimes from all the excitement and anxiety, I lose track of time, and in this case, without thinking, somehow associate February’s 29 days with July’s. Stupid, but I guess I’m really just ready to do this…

- Sebastijan Higl, one of the coaches for Serbian national swimming team.

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